Miniramp Card is issued by Miniramp Skateboard Shop. These terms and conditions (the “Miniramp Card Terms”) apply to all digital and physical Cards obtained in Poland. Your acceptance or use of a Miniramp Card constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by these Card Terms. 



Last update: 22/10/20



1.1 The terms used in these Regulations shall have the following meaning, unless the context in which they are used indicates otherwise:

1.2 Organizer - The organizer of the loyalty Program – Miniramp Card is the Miniramp Store, located Długa 9 Str, 61-850 Poznań, hereinafter referred to as Miniramp run by the Jakub Winowiecki, Miniramp Skateboard Shop, with Tax no: PL777-231-72-55 and REGON no: 634616902 with headquarters at Sosnowa 111 Str., 62-002 Złotniki.

1.3 Participant - a registered customer of the Miniramp store.

1.4 Miniramp card - is a card that entitles its owner to participate in the Nike SB QS raffles organized by Miniramp.

1.5 Active Miniramp Card – means that last purchase (for at least PLN 200) was made within 30 days before drop date.


2. General Terms:

2.1 The Loyalty Program is run for Customers who makes instore shopping at Długa 9 Str., 61-850 Poznań.

2.2 The Program starts October 23rd, 2020 and continues until further notice.

2.3 Any shipment in reference to the Program, must be done within Poland.


3. Program Participation:

3.1 A Program Participant may be any person who shows a valid identity document (with a photo).

3.2. Registration is made on the basis of a valid identity document and the Participant allows Miniramp store to register and keep personal data in our records.


4. Program Terms:

4.1. The Participant must personally register in our records by showing valid ID at the Miniramp store.

4.2 The Participant is being given an individual number. From now on Participant is allowed to register every purchase on his individual account (exception - Orange Label line and Nike QS will not credit your account).

4.3. The Minirap Card (plastic version) is handed to the Participant when the balance reaches the amount of 1.500 PLN. 

4.4 Only the Active Card takes part in the Nike SB QS raffle.

4.5. The Organizer contacts the winning person by e-mail / phone, in accordance with the data provided during registration.

4.6 The Organizer will process the personal data provided by the Participant for the purposes of the Program, in particular to proceed the shipment.